This page is intended to serve a catalogue of some of my more interesting (mainly open source) projects, hosted either on project sites or simply as repositories within my personal FTP directory. I haven’t gotten round to hosting anything near to all of them yet (mainly because there’s such a large number that are quite useless in their current states), but you might expect this list to grow as some of them mature and new ones spring up.

Note: Many of my “works-in-progress” as well as smaller complete projects are available via the public repositories section of the site.

  • GiraffeDB (Launchpad) – Versatile graph database system for the .NET Framework 4.0, based on the RAKIS model (preliminarily). In progress.
  • iCloud.NET (Launchpad) – .NET library for accessing the Apple iCloud services on arbitrary devices, including details of the reverse-engineered protocol. In progress.
  • FermiSim (Launchpad) – Simulation software relating to Fermi paradox and colonisation of space; BSc Physics thesis project.
  • TeX Daemon (Bitbucket) – A low-level (La)TeX daemon system for Unix-based and Windows systems. Actively working with Dr. Jonathan Fine on project. On indefinite hiatus.
  • The Syracuse Project (Lanchpad) – A large-scale effort, composed of the following sub-projects:
    • TeX.NET – A .NET 3.5 library for parsing and writing mathematical expressions in the TeX/LaTeX format.
    • Euclid.NET – A .NET 3.5 library for working with symbolic mathematics. The main features including symbolic algebra, solving equations, and differential/integral calculus.
    • Archimedes – Computer Algebra System kernel and GUI. See project page for more details.
    • WPF-TeX – A .NET/WPF  wrapper for on-the-fly rendering of chunks of TeX
  • wChat (formerly Ircsil) (Launchpad) – IRC client for Windows/WPF 4. Currently in prototyping stages. (IRC.NET is however quite mature and stable). Join ##wChat on Freenode if you’re interested in any way.
    Note that development is in currently progress; the repository for the prototype is currently hosted here on my site.
  • IRC.NET (Launchpad) – IRC client protocol library for .NET 4.0, specifically designed with modern principles, to be used primarily in wChat. Currently in beta.
    • Featured in keynote speech by Scott Guthrie at Microsoft MIX (web/mobile development) conference in Las Vegas, 2011.
    • Featured by Greg Duncan in Microsoft Coding 4 Fun (Channel 9) blog.
  • Wiki.NET (Launchpad) – .NET library for accessing online MediaWiki (such as Wikipedia) sites via high-level API.
  • Film Browser (Personal FTP) – Windows 7 desktop (WPF) program for effortlessly browsing and searching the online IMDB database.
  • Messenger.NET (SourceForge) – .NET library and graphical client for the Windows Live Messenger Service, written in VB.NET.
  • Herbert.NET (CodePlex) – Editor/visualiser (and library) for the Herbert game, part of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Algorithm competition until 2008. Can be run independently as a game.
  • Windows SSH Server (Launchpad) – SSH server for Windows, written primarily in C# 3.0 with some C++. (Separated into a library and Windows Service.)
  • Arda Physics (Launchpad) – 2D physics engine for .NET 3.5 (graphical framework-independent) with a priori collision detection.
  • Darwin.NET (Launchpad) – Library for Gene Expression Programming (GEP), a type of evolutionary algorithm, for .NET 3.5. I’ll start hosting this project soon, once it has become basically usable and reasonably well documented.
  • CoCoA Extractor (Personal FTP) – Extracts information and downloads music tracks from the CoCoA collection.
  • Portable Playlist Synchroniser (Personal FTP) – Synchronises Windows Media (WPL) playlists between a PC and a portable device.
  • Olivaw Bot (Personal FTP) – General-purpose advanced IRC bot, with specific capabilities relating to .NET/C#. Testing on in #olivaw, ##wpf, and possibly ##csharp.

I always welcome offers of help (in any form) for my open source projects!

There are also some projects to which I have contributed (in some manner) at some point in time, though in a minor way.

  • Math.NET Numerics (GitHub) – Extensive .NET & Silverlight library for efficient numerical analysis/algorithms. (Used in undergraduate BSc project/FermiSim.) Writing and integrating an ARPACK wrapper for large-scale eigenvalue problems. In progress.
  • Window System for XNA (CodePlex) – Advanced GUI system for Microsoft XNA 2.0.
  • OpenSSH – Well, only sort of. I’m simply proud to have submitted a bug report and fix (now implemented) to a fundamental part of what is a widely used and considered very stable library.

And finally, a rather smaller list of my closed-source/private projects. This list will probably stay quite static, as I rarely find the desire to close-source a project (at least until I have something worth selling!).

  • The Realms of Keldar (on indefinite hiatus) – An online RPG game in a modernised point-and-click style, with a fantasy/medieval setting. This is essentially a revamp of my previous project of a 2D top-down RPG game built with XNA (while I was actively working in Blueprint Games). The game uses the Vanyar Engine (developed more or less specifically for this game), an engine written for the Silverlight 2.0 framework using C# 3.0 and .NET 3.5. Note: I will be considering releasing the engine project as open source software in time, as well as possibly porting it to different platforms with the help of others.

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